Living Well with Aphasia (Volume 1)

What can you do if your benefits have ended?

Look for university clinicsistock_71038309_xlarge_graduation_cap_cropped_2_558

University clinics offer group and individual therapy

Clients work with student-clinicians

Universities also have research opportunities

You can find them through ASHA

aphasia-17previewlarge_400Look for community-based aphasia centers

Some, like MossRehab Aphasia Center, offer activities and education programs

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute also has research opportunities

Some centers offer all-day activities

Look for appstablet-2_300

Download iPad or iPhone aphasia therapy apps

Find aphasia therapy websites

Play word games with others on the internet



Look for online aphasia communitieshands-typing-2_300

You can look on social media, like Facebook or Twitter

One example is the Aphasia Recovery Connection



For more information, see our website or contact Sharon Antonucci at

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