Advanced Clinical Therapy Program

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The Advanced Clinical Therapy Program is a specialized outpatient program, developed for people with chronic/persistent or progressive aphasia. Aphasia Center clinicians have access to the very latest research, often conducted on campus at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI).  Each individual undergoes a comprehensive assessment using standard aphasia tests and specialized tests developed by researchers at MRRI and other research facilities.  The clinicians use this cutting edge research and computer technology to design a program for each individual that emphasizes effective home practice routines using computers whenever possible. To qualify for the ACT program, the individual with aphasia must be at least six months post-onset of chronic aphasia or have a diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia. Prior to admission, an Aphasia Center clinician may request a prescreening interview and/or review of medical and therapy records to determine eligibility for additional treatment.  Eligible patients participate in therapy two to three times a week.

For additional information, please contact Director Sharon M. Antonucci at To schedule an evaluation, please contact Colleen Boger, CCC-SLP,, and request an Aphasia Center evaluation.

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