Brain Injury Neuropsychology Laboratory

Director: Amanda Rabinowitz, PhD


The Brain Injury Neuropsychology Laboratory studies the neurobiological and psychosocial factors that influence recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI) across the spectrum of injury severity. We are particularly interested in the role of diffuse axonal injury in recovery from concussion and mild TBI. Using advanced neuroimaging and repeated behavioral assessment we attempt to characterize the heterogeneity among TBI patients, and identify promising targets for intervention.

Programs of Research
  • Ecological momentary assessment of concussion symptoms (with Tessa Hart, PhD, at MRRI and Max Shmidheiser PsyD, at MossRehab Concussion Center)
  • Longitudinal patterns of depression symptoms and functional status in moderate to severe TBI patients (with Tessa Hart PhD, at MRRI, Amy Wagner, MD, at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems)
  • Neuroanatomical substrates of self-awareness (with Junghoon Kim, PhD, Tessa Hart, PhD, and John Whyte, MD, at MMRI)
  • Assessment of pre-injury coping style in brain injured individuals (with Tessa Hart, PhD, at MMRI)
  • Interventions to promote self-management after TBI (with Tessa Hart, PhD, at MMRI)
  • Neuroanatomical substrates of speeded eye movements (with John Detre, MD, at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
  • Neuroimaging markers of network disruption in mTBI patients with persistent concussion symptoms (with John Detre, MD, Douglas Smith, MD, Ragini Verma, PhD, at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
Current Projects
  • Personalized Dynamic Assessment  of Post-Concussion Symptoms. Help us test a method for measuring symptoms after concussion. This study will use a smartphone app to record your symptoms as you go about your day. We are conducting this research to see whether real-time symptom assessment may be used in future studies to improve treatment of concussion. Learn more.
Clinical-Research Associates:
  • Max Shmidheiser, PsyD, at Moss Rehab Concussion Center