Cognitive Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology Lab

Director: Edward W. Wlotko, PhD


Interpreting and making sense of the environment is one of the primary functions of the nervous system.  For humans, language is a central mediator of meaningful information in the world, allowing us to communicate messages, share the contents of our experience, transmit knowledge and culture, and build and maintain social relationships.  The overarching goal of the CNN Lab at MRRI is to uncover the cognitive and neural mechanisms that support creating meaning from language.

The lab uses several neurophysiological and neuroimaging techniques to view real-time measures of brain activity during cognitive processes of interest.  Studying individuals with and without neuropsychological injury, disease, or disorder creates symbiotic strands of research that aim to simultaneously advance theoretical understanding of language and cognition and to discover new clues for improving rehabilitation practice for those with language difficulties.

Programs of Research
  • Predictive language comprehension
  • Hemispheric contributions and cooperation in language comprehension
  • Language comprehension in individuals with left vs right unilateral stroke
  • Age-related changes in language processing
  • Individual differences in cognitive and neural mechanisms of language
  • Flexibility and situational learning in language comprehension