Lesion-Symptom Mapping Workshop

DICOM image of brain

This workshop is designed to give participants a broad overview of the entire lesion-symptom mapping pipeline, an introduction to current state-of-the-art methods, concerns and considerations when performing these analyses, and a flavor for some of the interesting analysis variants that are possible. This workshop is primarily geared towards individuals with an interest in learning how to implement the practice in your own research. We encourage you to follow along during the session using the provided materials below. 

Frank Garcea, PhD 
Harrison Stoll
Austin Wild

Aaron Wong, PhD


We will discuss lesion-symptom mapping in the context of several pieces of software, although only MRIcron is needed to follow along using the materials below during each session. We strongly encourage you to install a copy of MRIcron prior to the first session.

Session 1

Scanning, Lesion-Drawing, and Basic Visualization/Analysis Tools
Workshop Slides
Presentation Materials – Harrison Stoll

Session 2

Lesion-Symptom Mapping and Post-Processing
Workshop Slides
Presentation Materials – Harrison Stoll

Session 3

Methodological Variations and Considerations
Workshop Slides