Living Well with Aphasia (Volume 1)

What can you do if your benefits have ended?



Look for community aphasia centers

Some, like MossRehab Aphasia Center, offer activities and education programs

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute also has research opportunities

Some centers offer all-day activities


Look for university clinicsistock_71038309_xlarge_graduation_cap_cropped_2_558

University clinics offer group and individual therapy

Clients work with student-clinicians

Universities also have research opportunities

You can find them through ASHA

Look for appstablet-2_300

Download iPad or iPhone aphasia therapy apps

Find aphasia therapy websites

Play word games with others on the internet


Look for online aphasia communitieshands-typing-2_300

You can look on social media, like Facebook or Twitter

One example is the Aphasia Recovery Connection



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