Moss TBI Model System is Part of a New NIH-Funded Multicenter Study

Designation as a Model System highlights Moss’s excellence in treatment and research related to traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Moss TBI Model System has been continuously funded since 1997. Over more than two decades, Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) scientists and MossRehab clinicians have led numerous studies and participated in many research projects in collaboration with investigators from other TBI Model Systems.

MRRI Institute Scientist Amanda Rabinowitz, PhD, will be a Site Principal Investigator for a newly funded 7-year, multicenter research grant awarded to scientists at the ​​Ohio Regional Traumatic Brain Injury Model System at The Ohio State University (OSU). This grant from the National Institutes of Health will be led by Jennifer Bogner, PhD (Professor and Chair in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Ohio State College of Medicine), and Cynthia Beaulieu, PhD (Ohio State Clinical Neuropsychologist and Associate Professor), and Erinn Hade, PhD (Associate Professor of Population Health at NYU Langone Health), are Co-Principal Investigators on the project.

This “CARE 4 TBI” study will compare the effectiveness of different inpatient rehabilitation approaches for people with moderate-severe TBI in order to optimize functional outcomes and community participation. Moderate-severe TBI results in physical, behavioral, and cognitive impairments that can have devastating effects on functioning in the community. Considering the growing strain on healthcare resources and reductions in inpatient lengths of stay, there is a critical and urgent need to identify the specific rehabilitation approaches that can optimize outcomes for people with TBI.

To address issues related to the complexity of rehabilitation and the heterogeneity of patients with TBI, scientists will conduct a prospective observational study using data from standardized electronic medical records from a total of 15 TBI Model System sites. Results from this study may potentially advance standards of practice in rehabilitation for people with TBI and provide clinicians and healthcare administrators with evidence-based guidance on the most effective practices in TBI rehabilitation.

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