Sensorimotor Learning Laboratory

Director: Amanda S. Therrien, PhD


The primary goal of the Sensorimotor Learning Laboratory is to improve motor training protocols for patients with neurological disorders (e.g. cerebellar ataxia, stroke, multiple sclerosis) by enhancing our understanding of the precise sensory and motor control mechanisms that underlie their behavioral impairment(s). Our research employs detailed motion tracking of the arms using robotic technology and 3-D motion capture integrated with virtual reality.

Programs of Research

  • Somatosensory acuity and motor learning in low- vs. high-dimensional movement
  • Identifying neuro-anatomical and behavioral predictors of motor learning capacity after cerebellar damage.
  • Efficacy of binary reinforcement training for reaching ataxia (with Amy Bastian, PT, PhD)
  • Validation of clinical outcome measures for cerebellar ataxia (with Amy Bastian, PT, PhD)