Anger Self-Management Training Program

The Anger Self-Management Training Program (ASMT) is an 8-session, 1-to-1 psychoeducational treatment program designed for people with problematic anger/ irritability following moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). The idea and general structure of the program were conceived by a workgroup led by Tessa Hart, PhD, within the NIH-funded TBI Clinical Trials Network (Award #U01 HD042738). A subsequent 3-center randomized controlled trial funded by NIH/NCMRR (Award #R01HD061400, Hart PI) tested the efficacy of the ASMT against a structurally equivalent control condition. Internal funding from Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute was used for pilot work and for a follow-up study on treatment enactment, as well as a study examining the predictors of success in treatment.

The pdf file below contains the ASMT treatment manual and materials to be used with patients. If you download and use this material, please read the Introduction carefully, as it contains recommendations for the ethical use of this program in clinical settings and information on how to cite its use. We also urge you to become familiar with the empirical articles (references below) on the ASMT before using it clinically.

Questions and comments about this treatment program may be addressed to Tessa Hart, PhD,

ASMT references:

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