MossRehab Post-Traumatic Amnesia (PTA) Protocol

The MossRehab Post-Traumatic Amnesia (PTA) Protocol, was developed as part of the Moss Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems award by an interdisciplinary workgroup made up of MRRI brain injury researchers and Drucker Brain Injury Center clinicians.

PTA is a state of confusion brought on by physical and chemical changes in the brain after a traumatic brain injury. Patients may exhibit confusion, disorientation, retrograde amnesia, inability to store new memories, and sometimes agitation and delusions. Inpatients in PTA benefit from reassurance and reduced frequency of questions that rely on stored memories.

This protocol describes specific actions for coordinated care by all team members. The protocol materials available here include: 

1) Materials and procedures to be used with patients with PTA.

PTA Protocol August 2020 

2) Materials for staff education and training on the use of the patient materials.

Level 1 for ancillary staff:
PTA Protocol Level 1 – Full slide
PTA Protocol Level 1 – Slide with notes
PTA Protocol Level 1 – Handout 3 slides per page

Level 2 for direct care clinical staff:
PTA Protocol Level 2 – Full slide
PTA Protocol Level 2 – Slide with notes
PTA Protocol Level 2 – Handout 3 slides per page

Videos: In the Level 1 and Level 2 slide shows, Do’s and Don’ts videos should be utilized to demonstrate parts of the PTA Protocol.

MossRehab PTA Protocol Do’s

MossRehab PTA Protocol Don’ts