Symposium: Theoretical Perspectives on Impairments in Spoken Language Processing

Response selectivity and aphasic spoken word recognition (PDF: 1.68 MB)

Dan Mirman
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Eiling Yee
University of Pennsylvania
Jim Magnuson
University of Connecticut
Sheila Blumstein
Brown University

Naming pictures and repeating words: Analysis of aphasic production errors and predictions from computational models (PDF: 973 KB)

Gary Dell, Nazbanou Nozari, Audrey Kittredge, and Myrna Schwartz
CogSci 2009
July 30, 2009

Basic Processes in Working Memory and Their Role In Language Comprehension (PDF: 803 KB)

Randi C. Martin L. Robert Slevc Loan Vuong

Autism as late language acquisition: Low-level learning processes (PDF: 1.5 MB)

Inge-Marie Eigsti
University of Connecticut
July 20, 2009
Cognitive Science Society Annual Meeting Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Why is nonword repetition deficient in specific language impairment (SLI)? (PDF: 194 KB)

Dorothy Bishop
University of Oxford

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