MRRI Launches Annual Newsletter

The Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute recently published the inaugural issue of its annual newsletter, MRRI Letters. Highlighting the Institute’s accomplishments and successes from the past year, the newsletter tells the story of 2018 at MRRI.

This first issue includes a message from the Institute’s incoming Director, Dylan Edwards, PhD; a reflection from the former Director, John Whyte, MD, PhD; as well as feature stories on some of MRRI’s focus areas during the past year. Stories included features about grants awarded for research in stroke recovery, “naming impairment” in aphasia, and Traumatic Brain Injury treatments, just to name a few.

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MRRI Launches Research Virtual Reality Lab

Virtual reality headsets have the power to transport their wearers into new 3D environments and can even make them believe they have new bodies.  The realism that these “avatars” create can help provide insight into how that brain perceives space, imitates movement, and controls the body. MRRI recently launched a new effort, called the Virtual Reality Lab, to assist researchers interested in exploring the impact of VR in studies of rehabilitation treatment.

In this video, Laurel Buxbaum, PsyD, Associate Director of the MRRI and Aaron Wong, PhD, director of the Cognitive-Motor Learning Laboratory, discuss two research projects currently underway at the VR lab.

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