Living Well with Aphasia (Volume 3)

What are some ways to practice reading with aphasia?


Read and listen at the same time

1. Try audio-books


2. Use captions when you watch tv or movies

3. Use the text-to-speech tool on your device

Help yourself focus on the words

1. Find a quiet place

2. Read one part at a time.

Cut out the window of an envelope. Use it focus on one section at a time.


Cover all but the line you’re reading.


Point and read one word at a time.

Read more quickly

Sometimes reading takes too long.  Here’s one way to get faster.


1. Choose something short (~100 words).  Make sure it’s interesting!


2. Ask someone to listen as you read

    • Ask them to time you
    • Ask them to help you if you make a mistake


3. Practice over and over until

    • You can read ~ 50-100 words / minute
    • You don’t make mistakes


4. Choose a new article and start again!


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