Symposium: Neuroimaging in the Study of Neural Recovery and Rehabilitation

Symposium Program (2 pages. PDF: 230 KB)

Session Title: Methods for Assessing Structural Connectivity: Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) (2 pages. PDF: 228 KB)

Facilitators: Jennifer Newton, Rüdiger Seitz
Summarizer: Marquez de la Plata

Session Title: Methods for Assessing Functional Connectivity: TMS, ERP, MEG, Statistical Analyses (3 pages. PDF: 240 KB)

Facilitators: Small and Cohen (Cohen Absent)
Summarizer: Monica Perez and Andy Mayer

Session Title: Imaging Pharmacologic Modulation of Neural Activity in Diffuse Brain Injury: BOLD and Perfusion MRI, ERP, MEG (3 pages. PDF: 244 KB)

Facilitators: Francois Chollet and John Whyte
Summarizer: Anthony Chen

Session Title: Clarifying Attentional Mechanisms and Studying Neurologic Attention Deficits (Using Imaging). (4 pages. PDF: 244 KB)

Facilitators: Ayelet Sapir, Branch Coslett
Summarizer: Patricia Arenth

Session Title: Functional neuroimaging within hours and days after stroke or brain injury (5 pages. PDF: 248 KB)

Facilitators: Argye Hillis, Randolph Marshall
Summarizer: Jacquie Kurland

Session Title: Serial Neuroimaging Over Time (4 pages. PDF: 231 KB)

Facilitators: John Detre, Richard Wise
Summarizer: Sandy McCombe Waller

Session Title: Neuroimaging as a physiological marker to guide a strategy for rehabilitation (4 pages. PDF: 250 KB)

Facilitators: Steve Cramer, Bruce Dobkin
Summarizer: Carmen Cirstea

General Dicussion (1 pages. PDF: 235 KB)

Facilitators: Nick Ward, Myrna Schwartz
Summarizer: Steven Jax, Sarah Shomstein

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