Living Well with Aphasia (Volume 2)

What are some ways to practice spelling with aphasia?

Relearn important words, like family names.

Have someone write them for you, then practice.  A lot.

First copy, then try to remember without the example.









People who have a lot of difficulty with speaking and spelling can learn this way.

You can practice handwriting, typing, or even texting!

IMG_0766 hands-typing-2 IMG_0574





Match sounds with letters.

Find familiar words or names and use them as “key words” to remind you.

For example, we could use Teddy as a key word for “tuh” = T.

Make flashcards to practice.  A lot.


You can work on 5 key words at a time.  Then add more.

Use your technology to help you!

Once you have some whole words and sound-to-letter matches, you can write sentences.

When you come to a new word, try spelling how it sounds.

Get as close as you can by yourself.


Then, check yourself with spellcheck on your computer or tablet.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Find interesting ways to practice.  Use a chalk board for old-fashioned fun!


Play spelling games, like UpWords or Scrabble.







Go online and play Words with Friends or post to Facebook.








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