Personalizing communication practice

For people with aphasia, having to stay at home can make it more difficult, but also more important, to keep practicing language and communication.

Keeping practice fun and relevant to daily life is crucial!

In this post, are a few tips for making practice as personalized as possible.

In the digital age, many of us have forgotten how helpful an old-school paper communication book can be.

Making your own communication book can be a fun way to practice language, stroll down memory lane, and get ready for when we can all be out and about together again.

Plus, you’ll be right on trend with #diy 🙂

Some aphasia practice apps let you add your own, personal items. These include Sentence Shaper and Tactus Therapy. Here are two videos showing how to “Add Personal Items” to the Naming and Writing activities in Tactus Therapy Language Therapy.

If you want to personalize the news you see everyday, you can try TalkPath News by Lingraphica. These aphasia-friendly news segments let you choose your news.

For links to even more aphasia software, check out

Stay safe and well! Feel free to reach out to MossRehab Aphasia Center for more tips and information. We are still here as a support and resource for people with aphasia and their families.

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