Staying connected during COVID-19

We’ve all been affected by COVID.  For people with aphasia, the quarantine can make social isolation even worse. 

Here are some ideas for staying connected with your community!

Video chat with friends and family.  Being able to see people’s faces and gestures helps with understanding during conversation… and seeing those smiling faces can help keep spirits up!

You can play cards, or even board games, on a video chat just choose one person to set up the board or roll the dice!

Join online support groups!  For example, the Aphasia Recovery Connection hosts a community of people with aphasia on Facebook.

Instagram and Pinterest can be great for people with aphasia, they mostly use photos!  Search for posts by people with aphasia, #aphasia, or your favorite subject (for me, it’s #dogs)

Take a virtual stroll through a museum!  Museums in France have shared for free over 100,000 photos of famous art!

Help others from the comfort of home. You can search “volunteer from home” or “online volunteering” to find ideas, like helping scientists track bird populations or finding new galaxies!

Share photos of shelter animals looking for homes

Remember, when you’re online,

Do not share personal or financial ($) info

Do not click on links in emails you didn’t ask for

Stay safe and well! Feel free to reach out to MossRehab Aphasia Center for more tips and information. We are still here as a support and resource for people with aphasia and their families.

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