Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Cognitive Neuroscience, Translational Neuroscience, and Neurorehabilitation

Post-doctoral fellowship opportunities are available at Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI), funded by an NIH T32 fellowship in translational neurorehabilitation research and/or by MRRI. Fellowships are offered as a collaborative opportunity between researchers from Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania (Behavioral Neurology and Center for Functional Neuroimaging). U.S. Citizenship or permanent resident status is required for NIH-supported fellowships. MRRI may sponsor one additional fellowship open to applicants who do not meet the NIH citizenship/residency requirements.

The program will train 3-4 postdoctoral fellows at a time, recruited from basic science and clinical disciplines, using a mixture of didactic and hands-on training methods.

Program faculty collectively have expertise in Cognitive Neuroscience; Impairment assessment; Naturalistic assessment; Modulation of neuronal plasticity and learning mechanisms; and Theory-driven treatment trials, and are experienced in a range of cutting edge research tools, including structural and functional neuroimaging, eye- and motion-tracking, computational modeling, virtual reality, psychopharmacology, transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation.

Moreover, several individual faculty and collaborative groups have demonstrated expertise in advancing assessments and treatments toward clinical implementation. Thus, trainees have the ability to learn specific tools and perspectives that are applicable to both basic and applied cognitive neuroscience and neurorehabilitation research, while benefiting from mentored exposure to the process of translating scientific advances into clinically useful assessments and treatments.

Possible Mentors:

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Interested candidates should arrange to have 2 letters of reference sent to the email below. Additionally, they should submit a cover letter describing research interests, a desired primary (and possibly secondary) mentor, and a CV to:

Kevin Whelihan, Research Administrator
MRRI, MossRehab @ Elkins Park
50 Township Line Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.