Aphasia Access Podcast Features Dr. Sharon Antonucci

Dr. Antonucci's headshot

Recently, Sharon M. Antonucci, PhD, CCC-SLP, was interviewed on the Aphasia Access Conversations podcast. Aphasia is a language impairment that may occur after stroke or other brain injury that can impact a person’s language abilities. Dr. Antonucci is Director of the MossRehab Aphasia Center and a well-known expert on aphasia and aphasia rehabilitation.

In her interview, Dr. Antonucci discusses her work on training semantic feature analysis in conversation groups for people with aphasia and other strategies for aphasia rehabilitation. In particular, she describes her pilot program engaging people in animal-assisted therapy through training dogs. This approach exemplifies the Life Participation Approach to aphasia rehabilitation by helping people with aphasia successfully engage in meaningful interactions and develop new skills that are important to them .

You can find the full interview with Dr. Antonucci on the Aphasia Access Conversations website.

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