Aphasia Center Receives Donor Gift

Two donors, Stewart and Sally Eisenberg, have decided to endow the Reta’s Games Group at the MossRehab Aphasia Center, in honor of their family matriarch, Reta Eisenberg.

Reta has been a tireless advocate for families living with aphasia for almost 30 years. She was instrumental in the founding of the Aphasia Center in 1996 after witnessing the impact aphasia had on her husband, Marty, prior to his death. Like others struggling with aphasia, Marty was unable to speak in full sentences, read a book, write his name, express basic needs such as hunger, and would use the wrong words or forget words when communicating – including the names of their children.

As a result of Reta’s longstanding commitment to helping individuals with aphasia and the growth of the Aphasia Center, her children have also developed a passion for helping the Center become the recognized, outstanding therapeutic resource it is today in the Delaware Valley region.

This gift endowing Reta’s Games Group will offer people with aphasia the opportunity to participate in social activities, like traditional card games, where they are able to enjoy each other’s company while practicing their language skills in a comfortable group environment.

The Einstein Healthcare Network and MossRehab are extremely proud to have partnered with multiple generations of the Eisenberg Family who recognize the needs of those affected by aphasia. We are deeply grateful for their generosity, which assists in ensuring the vitality of the Aphasia Center and its life-changing work.

As a world leader in physical medicine and rehabilitation, MossRehab is always seeking new ways to improve healthcare delivery for our patients. To donate to the Aphasia Center contact Rejoice Jula at jularejo@einstein.edu. To donate to Einstein, MossRehab or MRRI, visit our giving page.

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