Rehabilitation Science Lecture Series Launched

This year, the newly launched Shrier Family Topics in Rehabilitation Science Lecture Series will enable MossRehab’s dedicated physicians, nurses, therapists, research scientists and staff to enhance care through the practical application of translational research.

Shrier's with MRRI Scientists

Marc and Nancy Shrier attended the most recent installment of the Shrier Family Topics in Rehabilitation Science Lecture Series with (far left, John Whyte, MD, PhD, founding Director of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) and speaker speaker Steve Jax, PhD, Institute Scientist, MRRI.)

Thanks to a generous gift from long-time MossRehab and Einstein Healthcare Network champions, Nancy and Marc Shrier, clinicians will be able to share more widely the innovative research and pioneering rehabilitation technologies they are developing at Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI). Devoted to improving the lives of individuals with neurological disabilities through research, MRRI is impacting rehabilitation therapies around the globe.

“Both Marc and I are fascinated by the research being undertaken at the MRRI,” says Nancy Shrier. “The work they conduct keeps raising the bar as to how rehabilitation is delivered. Their focus on the physical and cognitive science of rehabilitation makes them a leader in the field and they truly are helping to change the lives of people who have experienced some very significant and life-altering injury or illness.”

The new Shrier Lecture Series allows MRRI to better support its staff by creating and funding opportunities to expand both internal and external research education. Additionally, it provides resources to support engaging guest lecturers from other leading research organizations.

Donor investments, like the Shrier Lecture Series, align personal passion with Einstein’s goal of providing the most advanced research, education and care to help patients get back to the business of life.

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