Funding Renewed for the Klein Family Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center at MossRehab

Members of the Family Parkinson's Rehabilitation Center standing in front of the donor wall at MossRehab.

In 2019, the Klein Family Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center at MossRehab was founded to support and enhance the lives of people living with Parkinson’s disease through innovative research combined with clinical care to advance and improve rehabilitative therapies. MRRI Institute Scientist Aaron Wong, PhD, and MossRehab physician Tariq Rajnarine, MD, serve as the scientific and clinical directors, respectively. This rehabilitation program seeks to drive progress by bridging the traditional silos of research and clinical care through real-time collaboration between clinicians, therapists, and researchers and by developing and supporting joint clinical-research programs. The Klein Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center was made possible by generous support from the Klein Family, whose members have contributed to advances in research and innovation across Einstein Healthcare Network for five generations.

MRRI is pleased to announce that the Klein Family has recently agreed to renew funding for this innovative program for an additional five years. Since its inception, the Klein Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center has developed a new database for patient volunteers interested in participating in research, providing opportunities for individuals with Parkinson’s disease to get involved with the cutting-edge research led by investigators at MRRI. This in turn has spurred increased research activity in the area of Parkinson’s Disease at MRRI. More recently, the Klein Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center has become a resource for people with Parkinson’s disease by introducing a multidisciplinary clinic at MossRehab to provide holistic assessments and rehabilitation plans. Expanded clinical, research, and community outreach programs are actively being developed as part of this next funding cycle.

The researchers and clinicians at MRRI and MossRehab are thankful for the Klein Family’s continued support, and they look forward to further integrating pioneering research from MRRI with the exceptional rehabilitation services delivered by MossRehab to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease.

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