Interview with Dr. Shailesh Kantak on the People Behind the Scientist Podcast

Dr. Kantak's headshot

In a new episode of the People Behind the Science podcast, Shailesh Kantak, PT, PhD, discusses his career, ongoing research on bimanual coordination after stroke, and his interests outside of science. Over the years, Dr. Kantak has been dedicated to trying to better understand why some patients recover well from brain injury, and others do not. This curiosity is what drove him to pursue a career in research, and it continues to motivate him in his work today.

During his interview, Dr. Kantak also shares exciting news about a novel framework he developed with colleagues to help clinicians analyze movement and factors that may contribute to movement deficits, memorable lab traditions he has experienced, advice for aspiring scientists, and more. Dr. Kantak is Director of the Neuroplasticity and Motor Behavior Laboratory at MRRI.

You can find the full interview on the People Behind the Science website.

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