New People Behind the Science Podcast Episode Features Dr. Erica Middleton

Dr. Middleton's headshot

Erica Middleton, PhD, was invited to discuss her career and her life outside of the lab in an interview for the People Behind the Science podcast. Dr. Middleton is an Institute Scientist and Director of the Language and Learning Laboratory at MRRI. In her research, Dr. Middleton works with both healthy speakers, as well as people who have experienced language impairment due to stroke (called aphasia), to better understand how words are mentally represented and produced.

In her conversation with podcast host Marie McNeely, PhD, Dr. Middleton, discusses one of her current research projects examining how individual differences may inform which treatment techniques should be used clinically to address word finding problems in people with aphasia. These word-finding problems are defined by an individual’s inability to express familiar words, such as the names of common objects. Beyond talking about her lab’s current research, Dr. Middleton shares her path to joining the team at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, her love of organic gardening, and excellent advice for aspiring scientists.

You can listen to Dr. Middleton’s full audio interview on the People Behind the Science website.

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