Dr. Amanda Rabinowitz Interviewed on the People Behind the Science Podcast

Dr. Rabinowitz's headshot

Amanda Rabinowitz, PhD, was recently selected to be featured in an episode of the People Behind the Science podcast hosted by Marie McNeely PhD. In this interview, Dr. Rabinowitz discusses her exciting ongoing research identifying personal characteristics associated with better recovery trajectories in people following traumatic brain injury (TBI), and how she is applying mobile health technology to help patients better engage in and adhere to rehabilitation. She also speaks about her career path, advice for aspiring scientists, and the excellent mentors who helped cultivate and refine her research interests. Dr. Rabinowitz also gives listeners insight into her passions outside of research, including her love of cooking and baking sourdough bread.

Dr. Rabinowitz is an institute scientist and director of the Brain Injury Neuropsychology Laboratory, which examines the neurobiological and psychosocial factors that influence recovery from TBI across the spectrum of injury severity.

Listen to the full interview on the People Behind the Science website.

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