Dr. Buxbaum to Serve as Invited Visiting Professor at Sapienza University

Laurel Buxbaum

Scientists at Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) are known for their exceptional track record of collaborative research, and MRRI Institute Scientist Laurel Buxbaum, PsyD, has a rich network of scientific collaborators across the country and around the world. The Institute is pleased to announce that Dr. Buxbaum will serve as an invited visiting professor at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. Each year, Sapienza University supports collaborative research activities between its faculty and outstanding foreign visiting professors who are selected based on international recognition for their scientific or academic achievements. Dr. Buxbaum will be working in the laboratory of Professor Salvatore Aglioti, a behavioral neurologist and Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Physiology at Sapienza University and the IRCCS Fondazione Santa Lucia Roma. She will join Professor Aglioti in Rome in Spring 2023 to work on research projects related to action and body representations. Dr. Buxbaum will also deliver a number of invited lectures and mentor students at Sapienza University. MRRI congratulates Dr. Buxbaum on this exciting opportunity!

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