Dr. Dylan Edwards Featured on People Behind the Science

Dylan Edwards, PhD

MRRI Director and Director of the Human Motor Recovery Laboratory Dylan J. Edwards, PhD, was recently interviewed on the People Behind the Science podcast. In this episode, Dr. Edwards discusses his roles as a leader within MRRI, a researcher, a science advocate, a member of the rehabilitation research community, and a science communicator, and how he balances these different roles and responsibilities. He shares unexpected results from one of his lab’s large clinical trials investigating the combination of rehabilitation robotics training and non-invasive brain stimulation for chronic stroke patients, as well as promising new findings from a recent experiment in which his group used a non-invasive stimulation technique called spinal associative stimulation to successfully modify the responsiveness of the descending motor pathway from the spinal cord to muscles in people with chronic spinal cord injury. In addition to talking about research, Dr. Edwards discusses some of his passions outside of science, his favorite books, and helpful advice.

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