Dr. Wlotko Receives NIH Grant for Study of Sentence Comprehension in Aphasia

MRRI Institute Scientist Edward Wlotko, PhD, will serve as principal investigator of a subcontract award totaling more than $1M from the National Institutes of Health. The research is part of a grant, entitled “Cognitive control and sentence processing in aphasia,” received by Malathi Thothathiri, Ph.D., of the Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences at George Washington University. Dr. Thothathiri is a former postdoctoral fellow at MRRI.

This 5-year study tests how cognitive control (i.e., executive system management of conflict and competition) affects sentence comprehension in healthy adults and people with aphasia. The results will clarify how cognitive deficits outside of the language domain may contribute to the ability to interpret sentences, and may guide future research on alternative ways to treat language and communication disorders.

Dr. Wlotko directs MRRI’s Cognitive Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology Lab, which investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms involved in understanding meaning from everyday language.

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