MRRI Director’s New Year Message

With 2022 upon us, we welcome the new opportunities that may present over the coming months, the safe engagement with our research community, and continuing the momentum of MRRI’s remarkable scientific advancements of 2021. Please refer to the 2021 Annual Report for a list of our new and original research findings spanning the translational neurorehabilitation spectrum.

Through the significant challenges brought about by the waves of COVID-19 pandemic variants, our staff have found ways to find personal and professional balance, and they are to be commended for their perseverance and resilience. While MRRI may be robust and adaptable, we are not immune to prolonged effects of pandemic. Despite the ongoing stresses and uncertainty, we have done well to rely on each other, including finding opportunities for laughter, friendship, and support.

During the coming year, we anticipate MRRI scientists and staff will engage in activities to further integrate with Jefferson Health. In doing so, we will remain dedicated to our mission, as well as to promoting the professional growth of individuals and the evolution of the Institute as a whole.

I encourage you to stay informed about MRRI’s latest research findings and opportunities to participate in our cutting-edge basic and clinical research.

Best wishes for a prosperous, safe, and fulfilling 2022.


Dylan J. Edwards, PhD

Director, Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute

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