MRRI Appoints New Associate Director

Laurel Buxbaum Amanda Rabinowitz
After six years as Associate Director of Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, Laurel Buxbaum, PsyD, is transitioning this role to the newly appointed Associate Director Amanda Rabinowitz, PhD. Since taking office in 2018, Dr. Buxbaum has helped lead the institute through multiple landmark events including the start of a new Director, recruitment of multiple new Institute Scientists, the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the logistics and opportunities presented by the recent merger of Einstein Healthcare Network and Jefferson Health. While engaged in this leadership role, Dr. Buxbaum has maintained an active and highly productive research program, and she will continue her research at MRRI as an Institute Scientist and Director of the Cognition and Action Laboratory. The scientists and staff of the Institute are deeply grateful to Dr. Buxbaum for her leadership and service over the past several years.

“It has been a great privilege to serve MRRI as Associate Director for the past six years,” Dr. Buxbaum stated. “I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish during times that were both exciting and challenging. With our recruitment of Dylan Edwards, PhD, MRRI Director, as well as several talented Institute Scientists, we are very well-positioned for further growth. I look forward to continuing to play an active role in maintaining the Institute’s profile as a world-class research entity, as well as leading my laboratory’s NIH-funded research program in new directions.”

Dr. Amanda Rabinowitz began work as MRRI’s new Associate Director at the start of this month. In this role, she will assist Director Dylan Edwards, PhD, in guiding the Institute as it continues to grow and further its research programs in the coming years. In addition to her new role, Dr. Rabinowitz is Director of the Brain Injury Neuropsychology Laboratory and Scientific Director of the Moss Traumatic Brain Injury Model System. Dr. Rabinowitz will continue in these roles as well, advancing our understanding of cognitive and emotional outcomes in individuals with chronic brain injury and the impacts of technology-based interventions such as mobile health technology.

“It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to serve MRRI in this leadership role after being a part of the team for the past seven years,” remarked Dr. Rabinowitz. “This is an exciting time for the institute, as we continue to grow and take advantage of new opportunities now that we are under the Jefferson Health umbrella. I’m excited to move forward alongside Dr. Edwards supporting our talented team of Institute Scientists as MRRI continues to advance the science and clinical practice of neurorehabilitation.”

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